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Covia believes that when our communities thrive, everyone benefits. Our Company and employees make a powerful impact on the communities where we live and work by investing time, talent, and treasure. Our commitment to Do Good. Do Well. Act Responsibly. encompasses helping to improve the health, wellness, and quality of life for community members where we operate; advancing education among students and local businesses; and, enabling local wildlife to flourish.


In 2018, Covia’s legacy organizations continued to govern their respective community investment decisions in accordance with existing policies. Moving forward we will unify our approach and policies related to community giving and volunteering.

Each legacy Company has a long history of community involvement and being a welcomed corporate neighbor. Each facility oversees the appropriation of community involvement and donations. Examples of local initiatives our facilities fund include:

  • Aiding local schools in a variety of ways, including packing food for students in need, updating school facilities, and providing supplies and new technology
  • Upgrading parks, playgrounds, and other public spaces
  • Restoring public lands such as waterways, prairies, and other natural habitats
  • Improving local infrastructure such as roads and utilities
  • Supporting emergency services such as local fire departments and hospitals
  • Updating the facilities of organizations that help vulnerable populations within our communities

In addition to donating direct funding, we also fund paid volunteer hours for our Covia employees. Through a combination of paid and unpaid volunteer hours, our employees contribute a significant amount of their time helping others within our communities. Examples of volunteer projects included:

  • Participating in and contributing to disaster relief efforts
  • Volunteering at local homeless shelters and food banks
  • Hosting events for veterans
  • Participating in Adopt-a-Team programs and sponsoring foster children by donating needed items throughout the year and gifts during the holidays
  • Volunteering at local chapters of the Special Olympics
  • Supporting schools serving children of low income households
  • Hosting Week-of-Caring events across our facilities
  • Organizing Earth Week events for local school children
  • Supporting and participating in Habitat for Humanity projects
  • Community clean-up days and Adopt-a-Highway
  • Ecosystem improvements such as river cleanups, native plant gardens, local wildlife habitat protection, tree planting, and more


We are proud to report that in 2018 Covia, through the foundation, donated approximately $1.6 million to our local communities. Covia also entered a unique partnership with Ducks Unlimited (DU)—a nonprofit organization dedicated to conserving wetland and waterfowl habitats for more than 80 years—and has committed to support DU’s work across North America over five years. This long-term partnership is further proof of our commitment to responsible Land Management, Reclamation, and Biodiversity in Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

Once our community giving programs are combined, we will closely track and report total giving and volunteer hours in future years.

Covia Supports Cancer Care Excellence in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Peterborough Regional Healthcare Centre (PRHC) is benefiting from a $100,000 donation, led by Covia’s NSO Division and our employees at our Blue Mountain and Nephton facilities. The donation will support PRHC’s Centre of Excellence for Cancer Care by supporting fast, accurate cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment through investment in laboratory innovation. PRHC’s healthcare professionals rely on the lab to determine and confirm 100 percent of cancer diagnoses and treatment decisions.

“Many of Covia’s employees and their families have experienced the first-class care of this great community health care center,” said Carl Horvat, Regional General Manager. “As our Company makes further investments to secure our long-term sustainability in the Peterborough, Ontario, region, we also want to help sustain important pillars of the communities in which our employees live and work.”

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Covia Strengthens Local Communities in Mexico

Our operations in Mexico continue to improve the living conditions and well-being of the nearby communities. For example, employees at our Jaltipan plant promote local female empowerment and economic development by facilitating free classes on entrepreneurship, which are open to the nearby community. Employees at our Lampazos plant donated essential medical supplies to a local health clinic that supports the most vulnerable members of society. Employees across Mexico also regularly volunteer to maintain community baseball and soccer fields, which serve as a place to exercise and socialize.

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Terminals Add a Key Spoke to Wheel of Community Outreach

Our expansive network of terminals across the United States and Canada play an active role in their communities. In 2018, Terminal employees planted trees, cleaned parks, and sponsored community events. Several terminals also supported Together We Rise, a non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of children in foster care by assembling and donating more than 100 bicycles. Similar to the spokes of a wheel, each terminal plays a role in the success of our overall community investment strategy.

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Moving forward, Covia will unify our approach and policies related to community giving and volunteering across our enterprise. We aim to maintain matching gifts and paid volunteer benefits, which contribute to making Covia an Employer of Choice