Covia’s minerals and material solutions contribute to North America’s energy independence as well as the use of natural gas—a cleaner fuel. Our Industrial customers span a mix of markets that contribute to a healthy planet. For instance, we provide raw materials to make windows and building products such as fiberglass, which increase the energy efficiency of buildings and homes. The minerals we mine also go into solar panels and water filters. While these product uses are noble, it is critical that we continually strive to produce products with minimal environmental impacts.

Throughout cycles, we remain good stewards of air, water, and land. We proactively work to maintain clean air; minimize our energy, fresh water, and land use; and, reduce our waste whenever possible. Our transportation strategies and investments incorporate advancements in energy efficiency. These are just some of the ways in which we Do Good. Do Well. Act Responsibly. To learn more about our environmental practices, we encourage you to read the various Planet sections.

Origination/Destination (OD) Pairing Optimization Garners Significant Savings

In 2018, Covia realized significant freight savings—synergies—due to Origination/Destination “OD” pairing optimization. The combination of our two legacy companies created a logistics leader in North America for industrial minerals. For example, we are now supplying the Loving Aventine terminal in New Mexico from Wedron, Illinois, which is a BNSF-only haul. Previously, it was supplied primarily from a plant in another state requiring a two-line haul. The cost savings reflect shorter distances traveled by the product and therefore reduced energy consumption to get product to market.

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