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Kiosks Improve Truck Loadout Efficiency in Crane, Texas

Covia was proud to introduce a new kiosk system at our Crane, Texas, location. We have seen a gradual improvement in site times and truck loadout efficiency since we established this technology. The kiosks have allowed us to eliminate 90 percent of radio communication between our loadout team and truck drivers, as they can enter their data directly into the kiosk for the loadout operator to see what the driver needs. This alone has greatly improved efficiency and safety, as the kiosks reduce confusion during radio communication and help us plan for truck traffic volume. The kiosks have also enabled us to eliminate large quantities of manual data entry and hand-distributed bills of lading (BOLs). The process has developed into a ‘hands-off’ approach for deliveries in that the driver can collect their BOL at the exit kiosk and the sales data is immediately uploaded to IFS, our enterprise resource planning system.

We recently introduced a customer feedback system to help us collect data from drivers on their experience at our facility. This feedback mechanism gives drivers a voice and will allow us to address concerns and alert us to opportunities for improvement.