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Covia Supports Cancer Care Excellence in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Peterborough Regional Healthcare Centre (PRHC) is benefiting from a $100,000 donation, led by Covia’s NSO Division and our employees at our Blue Mountain and Nephton facilities. The donation will support PRHC’s Centre of Excellence for Cancer Care by supporting fast, accurate cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment through investment in laboratory innovation. PRHC’s healthcare professionals rely on the lab to determine and confirm 100 percent of cancer diagnoses and treatment decisions.

“Many of Covia’s employees and their families have experienced the first-class care of this great community health care center,” said Carl Horvat, Regional General Manager. “As our Company makes further investments to secure our long-term sustainability in the Peterborough, Ontario, region, we also want to help sustain important pillars of the communities in which our employees live and work.”