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Covia Recognized as a Leading Innovator

IdeaScale®, the leading crowdsourcing and innovation software provider, announced the final winners of its Innovation Management Awards Competition and recognized Covia as the winner in the category of Best Innovation Process. This competition category recognizes the IdeaScale® community that detailed the most creative and impressive workflow for progressing ideas from the point of inspiration to execution. In this case, Covia was able to demonstrate the effective elevation of ideas by applying their own proprietary algorithm to the process.

“What I find most impressive about Covia,” said Rob Hoehn, CEO and Co-Founder of IdeaScale® “was how organized their program is. It’s companies like Covia that will repeatedly be able to deliver results, because they bring the experts in when necessary and just ensure that ideas aren’t left behind in the meantime.” Since program launch, Covia has gathered ideas that generate value in both top-line revenue growth and savings from operational efficiency.