Corporate Responsibility Governance

Governance structure


We embed our commitment to People, Planet, and Prosperity within every layer of our Company. Our board of directors considers Sustainable Development (SD) foundational to our culture and continued growth. They are updated on our SD progress, and they provide strategic guidance for future initiatives through participation on the Audit, Governance, Executive, and Compensation Committees.

A group of senior leaders and our Director of Sustainable Development, Beau Daane, lead our SD Advisory Committee—composed of 17 executives and directors from key functions across the business—in developing and executing our Sustainable Development strategy. Our Regional SD Coordinators engage employees with SD practices and monitor progress at our facilities, uniting our employees across the world in our SD efforts. Our employees voluntarily participate in our 10 SD Teams, which develop and implement annual goals and initiatives. We hold all SD Team Members, Regional SD Coordinators, and SD Advisory Committee Members accountable through reporting relationships that monitor, encourage, and assist SD performance.

Covia and our board of directors are committed to sound corporate governance practices and conducting business activities according to the highest ethical standards. In carrying out this responsibility, the board of directors has adopted corporate governance guidelines in accordance with the rules of the New York Stock Exchange. Covia’s code of business conduct and ethics applies to employees, directors, and officers. Our policies are publicly available on our Investor Relations Corporate Governance page.